Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Lazy Fat Bastards Guide To Weight Loss Day 1

Ok so you have read about the reason for writing an ebook about this so now it's time to get down to the nitty gritty the first day in your 30 day journey to true lazy bastard weight loss. Notice I didn't say Lazy Fat Bastard as that is not what we are going to be. Lazy maybe but fat will be far from the truth.

The first thing to do is identify what has caused you to get to the state where you call yourself a derogatory term such as a Lazy fat Bastard. For most people it is over indulgence in food or drink or both. When I say drink it can be booze or coke or other sugary drinks.

Let me get something very firmly fixed before I carry on. It's not due to lack of exercise, repeat this is not due to lack of exercise at all.

Why can I say that with such certainty? Because you CANNOT out train a bad diet or bad addictions no matter what they may be.

I have been an endurance athlete since 2006. I started out wanting to run a half marathon. I was nearly 16 stone and hadn't done any running for nearly 20 years so I was not in a good place. Since the day I committed to run that half I have gone onto many stupid events and distances. I have completed numerous marathons, 4 Ironman Triathlons, multiple Ultra Marathons including 35, 50 85 and 100 mile including lots of others in between. Not to mention the thousands of training rides, runs and swims I have done.

I don't tell you this to brag, yes they are great achievements but the vision I had of a bronzed Ironman/Ultra athlete with rippling muscles and veins popping out in his 6 pack is far from the truth. The truth is hard to realise, it's taken me many years of dedicated exercise, sweat, tears and heartache but I now know exercise alone will  NOT help me get that body.

Ok, all this helped in my weight loss but up until last year I would regularly balloon back up to 14 stone and spend the rest of the year trying to get back to a race weight of 13 stone and I STILL  had a fucking big gut. I still looked at myself with disgust in the mirror, I still felt self conscious and bought XL t-shirts and I continued to think terrible things about myself.

So I have spent the last 18 months trying to identify what causes that gut, what I can do about it and what works and doesn't work. I know one thing for sure exercise works but not that much. Diet and exercise and a combination of other lazy bastard hacks can really speed things up and help massively.

So to start you need to identify what it is that is making you fat. In my case it is wine, I drink wine, I love wine, I sell wine, when I drink wine I get the munchies for crisps, cheese, chocolate and eat in excess generally. So this is a dual issue. Not only is the excess wine contributing to fat gain but the extra free calories from munchies also doubles my fat gain efforts.

If you love coke, diet coke or any other sugary drink and have more than 1 can a day then that is your issue. It might be pizza, burgers, chocolate, cake, processed food, I don't know only you know and no one needs to tell you. As adults we all know the issue we just don't necessarily like to admit to it.

Sit down and identify one bad habit you have, one thing that contributes towards your incredible achievement in becoming a Lazy Fat Bastard. Then commit to eliminating that evil for just 3 days.

So no sugary drinks, no chocolate, no cake, whatever is your poison and just don't do it for just 3 days. Anyone can do it for 3 days, Christ you can sleep for half of that and turn your minds to other things when you are awake!

We need to change the things that cause that habit, this is easier said than done, but while you are craving that chocolate or salivating over that drink use your mind to identify the things that lead to that craving. Look deep into this and write down those roads that lead you to your habit.

Sometimes it will be a bad day at work and you reach for the white wine, other times it will be a sugar crash in the afternoon and you NEED chocolate. It might be that cake is offered with every birthday in your office and it would be rude not to partake.

Find that trigger or multiple triggers. Identify just one thing that contributes to your fat gain and eliminate for 3 days.

After that we can move onto Day 2 and let the lazy times roll as this was a tough first day.

For more help on habits and how to change them read The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

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